Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ten Virgins: A Musical Parable

Several months ago, Larna suggested to the Relief Society that they ought to consider doing a musical play based on the parable of the ten virgins. They loved the idea and asked her to direct it, since she wasn't already busy enough :-) So, they worked hard for months preparing for the big performance. Everyone who was willing and able to participate was involved.

The night of the big performance was Tuesday, June 3rd. We had a good sized crowd. It was an emotional experience for all involved. Even in the rehearsals I kept crying as I was taking care of the music and the sound. After the show, hordes of people were crying and talking about what a touching and wonderful experience it was. But, I think the actors were even more affected by the whole experience. Many of those ladies who don't get to interact much with the Relief Society, because they are in different callings, were able to share a deeply meaningful experience with each other. I'm sure they will rememnber this for a long time. At the end of the show, when they were all singing the last song, they were all lined up on the stage holding their lit lamps. If you look at the painting at the top of this post, that looks very much like the final scene.

From the costumes to the props, scenery, acting, it was all very well done.

There were three narrators: Suzie Marchant, Mary Ringwood and Zina Riches

The ten virgins were: Terri Marsh, Kellee Marsh, Talitha Marsh, Becky Hamson, Jennifer Warner, Kristi Dixon, Lori Clausen, Cassie Rowley, Karen Heaton and Larna.

JoDell was going to do a part, but had pneumonia for a few weeks and had to drop out. She would have been so good. But, Becky took her place and did great. JoDell is doing much better now.


Catherine said...

I wish I could have seen it. I'm sure it was wonderful. Maybe you could do a reenactment when we're there this summer :) Did anyone get a video?

Jennifer Warner said...

Thank you for all that you did to help with everything! Without you and Larna, we would never have had the chance to be involved in such a great experience. Thank you for all the hours,day's and weeks that you put in to make it so great.

Amanda Huffaker said...

my name is amanda and I was looking up the 10 virgins on google and your info came up..I hope you dont mind... My ward in Idaho is putting this musical parable together too... i would love to see you guys have a video that i could buy from you? or posted somewhere? you made all your costumes too? I would love to pick your brain a little..Thanks

tlcarr said...

My name is Terri Carr and I am the Stake Music director in Springfield, MO. I was wondering where you purchased the copy of "The Ten Virgins: A Musical Parable" as I am thinking of do it in out Stake. Thank you!

Karen said...

My name is Karen Our Stake RS is doing this program in September for our Stake Enrichment activity. What did you use for your props (lamps etc.) and where did you get them. I would love some help in finding some things.

Jay and Larna Eubanks Family said...

Note to Karen - the last person to comment on this: We would love to answer your questions, but have no way to contact you. There is no email address or other way to identify you. If you see this note, please post your email address.

Jeri said...

I'm joining the ranks of people who want to pick your brain. I was just asked to direction this for our ward's "RS birthday" activity in March. I would love to get any ideas you have - especially abotu what you used for the lamps/props. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
jerimellor (at) (obviously no spaces... just trying to "slow" the spammers down a little)
OH also - did you buy a separate book/CD for each performer? Looking at the copyright info on my book, I am assuming that's what I'll need to do - but that's pretty pricey!

Sheri Bingham said...

My name is Sheri Bingham, and I am the Stake Relief Society President in the Hooper Utah Pioneer Trail Stake. I was looking for a musical our stake could do in March. I was wondering if you have this play in written form, with script and music that you will share, or that we could buy. My e-mail address is Our stake has done two dinner theaters in the past, and the sisters have loved them. Thanks so much, Sheri

funkybutspunky said...

My name is Kristi Johnson and I am interested in your "The Ten Virgins: A Musical Parable". We are having a ward Relief Society Retreat/over nighter at our Stake Camp in September and have been planning on doing a skit on the 10 virgins. Do you have a written copy with music and script that you would be willing to share or that we could possible purchase. My e-mail is and phone is 801-479-4823. We are meeting tonight to review two other 10 virgins skits, but I would really love to see yours. Thanks, Kristi Johnson