Thursday, September 17, 2009

The new school year.

This will be our 5th year of homeschooling. It has gone well so far. Eric, Parley, Jarom and Mary all seem to like what we are doing this year. We were able to get a small scholarship to take some computer classes at a school called, High Tech High. Jarom is taking a class where he is learning to make computer games. He is really loving this class. He has already made 3 computer games. Parley is learning web design. He is also enjoying his class. Eric could not get the scholarship because he is taking one class at West High. But they will let him take one class for free and he will take that next semester. It is a 3D modeling class. The fun thing about the scholarship is that Jarom and Parley will get free netbooks. They are pretty excited about that, but they have to wait until the end of their first semester. They also have to go to a computer fair and show off what they have learned. They are also enjoying their other subjects. Jarom thinks we spend too much time inside so we decided that we would go out and do something outside once a week. So far, we have been swimming in the great Salt lake and we flew kites twice. This week we are going on a bike ride. Eric is driving now and he is also looking for a job, so if you know of any good jobs for a great kid let us know. I got Mary a bunch of workbooks for her age level and she has a big science book and an art book. She pretty much does her own thing. She spends lots of time going through the workbooks. I read the science book with her, and we do math together. She practices the piano now without me getting after her. I think she is starting to like it. Eric does all of his school work on his own. He is playing the piano more and that make me happy. Parley also does most of his stuff on his own, but he likes me to help him with Algebra. We also read his literature book together. He could do it on his own, but I like to read and discuss the stories with him. Jarom, does his school work without complaining. I need to find him a few more things to do. Jarom is also having fun playing the piano. He seems to have a gift for being able to listen to a song and then play it. He has been having fun trying to play the latest popular songs.

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Jennifer said...

You are such a great mother to do such fun things with your kids. Yesterday Mary mentioned that she wants to do some cooking (I was making PB Bars). If she wants to learn how to make them or anything else that I make, I would love to have her come over and cook. Have a great school year.